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Healthcare Hackathon

May 15-16, 2021

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What is BioHack?

BioHack is a 24-hour bioengineering focused, health and medicine themed, virtual hackathon at the University of California, Riverside.

Our mission is to inspire new hackers to collaborate with students and sponsors throughout computer science and bioengineering. We encourage students of any background and in any field of study to participate in our inclusive event. We also motivate our participants to foster strong, professional relationships with industrial and academic sponsors.

By hosting BioHack within the Inland Empire, our goal is to have sponsors and students foster connections with engineers throughout the bioengineering and computer science community across California.

Past Winners

Here are the 2019 BioHack Winners! Hover over the polaroids to learn more about each project.

Overall 1st Place


Overall 1st Place

Overall 1st Place


Remembrall is a companion app that was created for those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. Rememberall helps users remember important details of their life by using real time user entered data. The user can input their thoughts, memories, pictures and important information about themselves to aid throughout their daily lives.

Best Google Hack


Best Google Hack

Best Google Hack


Skancare aims to bring awareness to skin ailments by utilizing machine learning to classify skin lesions. This program takes a close-up image of the skin and analyzes it to identify the lesion type. Skancare aims to make lesion diagnoses easier to identify.

Best Beginner Hack

Sleep-Stone Bridge

Best Beginner Hack

Best Beginner Hack

Sleep-Stone Bridge

Sleep-Stone Bridge is a device that monitors the amount of excess light the user is exposed to. Excess light can cause a person’s regular 24-hour Circadian Rhythm to be disrupted and lead health risks such as lack of sleep. This project alerts the user with light sensors during evening hours to lower light levels to preserve the Circadian Rhythm.

Best Hardware Hack


Best Hardware Hack

Best Hardware Hack


EpiTech is a device that monitors skin blemishes to accurately determine the effectiveness of the product you are using. It utilizes a micro spectrometer and cloud services to deliver real time data to patients andphysicians while, determining the effectiveness of your acne treatment.

Best Humanitarian Hack

Air Quality Index Map

Best Humanitarian Hack

Best Humanitarian Hack

Air Quality Index Map

Air Quality Index Map allows environmentally conscious people to monitor current air quality indices (AQI) in their area. The AQI map displays the current air conditions for any location through Google Maps so that users may know the air quality of places they plan to visit.

Best Startup

Drowsy Drivers

Best Startup

Best Startup

Drowsy Drivers

A novel system to promote safer driving habits through facial recognition and image analysis. The program detects user awareness through images taken of the driver's face. MATLAB then isolates the eyes in the photo and determines whether the user's eyes are open or closed. The program will then notify the user that their eyes are closed.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a weekend-long event that invites curious minds to learn and build something new. You may pick up a project of your choosing to work on during the event, to dive into a topic you've been meaning to explore. You also get to meet new friends as you work in a team of up to 4!

Who can attend?

This event is open to all college students! You do not need any prior skills or qualifications to attend.

Do I need to be a CS major or minor to participate?

No! Biohack encourages any and all students who are curious about coding and health to participate in our workshops and create a project. We also host beginner friendly workshops where participants can learn new skills that they can utilize in their project submissions.

How do I register?

Priority Registration will open soon. Please keep an eye out on our social media platforms to hear the announcement. Once applications are open, you will be able to register through this website.

Does this event cost money?

No! This event is completely free to all participants.

Will there be hardware available?

Due to the virtual format of this year, we are unfortunately unable to provide hardware as we did in previous years. That said, if you do possess your own hardware/equipment, please feel free to utilize them in your own projects.

What should I bring?

All you need is access to the internet!

Where do I sleep?

Because we are virtual this year, you are able to sleep in the luxury of your own home, unlike previous years.

What if I don't know how to use Discord/Hop In?

Support for navigating Discord/Hop In will be readily available during the Hackathon, but it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these services prior to the event.You can learn more about Discord here, and Hop In here.

Am I required to enter with a team?

Participating in the event within a team is not mandatory (although it is recommended, and accommodations can be made should you desire to join a team during check-in).

How many people can be in my team?

The maximum number of hackers in a team is 4 participants.

Can I submit a project I already made?

No! Projects determined to be pre-made or submitted at a previous hackathon will not be considered.

Do I require prior experience with computer programming to attend?

Prior knowledge is not required to attend the event and go to workshops!

Do I have to create a project?

Creating a project is not required to attend the event! If you would like to exclusively go to the workshops, you may do so.

What if my question is not listed?

Feel free to contact BioHack at with your questions.

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